Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adoption Picnic weekend in Bradenton!!!!

Well as some of you already know we went to Bradenton to an Adoption picnic to meet some potential children that were available for adoption this weekend. Out of the four that we knew of three were there. We got to meet them all and realized that one was not for us right away. She was very sweet,but to independant for what we are looking for. We did meet and hang out with one special little girl, she hung out with Kylie alot and also got to meet her sibling that was adopted before and her family. It was so cool we spent alot of time bonding with that family as well. They had the girl in their care along with her sister for a while,but only could adopt one at that time and no longer can adopt.BOOOOO.....I did go ahead and send over our Home Study to the case worker this am for this special little girl......
Also we do have a meeting on the phone next week for another child to see if we are matched as well. We will keep everyone posted.

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